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Коронавирус Прокат авто в Баку / Koronarirus maşınların icarəsi / Coronavirus Covid-19 Car rental Baku

Are you going to rent a car in Baku through the TrustRent company and want to know what conditions and restrictions were introduced during the coronavirus period in Baku? We present to your attention relevant information regarding car rental in Baku during the quarantine period.

According to the decision of the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan, due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus, many companies, including ours, have suspended their offline activities. Currently, we provide rental cars through online reservations through WhatsApp or a special form on the website. As part of the special offer, the car is delivered free of charge, and all the necessary documents, as well as payment are made on the spot.

It should be noted that from 05.04.2020, moving around the city is possible only with a special permit, therefore, rental cars are available only to people who have this permission.

Our company strongly recommends that all our customers follow special instructions, and in particular:
– keep the interior and exterior of the machine clean;
– avoid close contact with others
– keep a distance of 2 meters with others
– wash your hands thoroughly with soap and a special solution as often as possible