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Trust Rent A Car car return policies may vary depending on location and company policies. However, here are the general rules that often apply:

1. Return Time: Return the vehicle within your designated return time. Delay may result in additional costs.

2. Fuel: Return the vehicle with the same fuel level as when you received it. Otherwise, you may be charged additional refueling fees.

3. Vehicle Cleanliness: Return the vehicle in a clean condition. Additional cleaning fees may apply for interior or exterior soiling.

4. Damage: Check the vehicle for damage with a company representative upon receipt and return. Any new damage may require payment for repairs.

5. Keys and Documents: Return all keys, documents and accessories that were included in the rental when returning the vehicle.

6. Additional Payments: Make sure you pay for all additional services such as additional drivers, insurance and additional equipment.

7. Compliance: Return the vehicle in the same condition you received it and obey all local traffic laws.

8. Delay Fee: If you are delayed in returning your vehicle, you may be charged for additional rental time.

9. Notice: If you have a change in your car return plans, please contact Trust Rent A Car in advance to review your options.

Please refer to your rental agreement or contact Trust Rent A Car for accurate and up-to-date vehicle return policies, as they may change over time and by location.